Mitch Ingram

Lived experience comes to the fore with Mitchell; as a recovering addict/alcoholic with years of sobriety/clean time, he speaks from experience with a passion & understanding.

Mitchell will make you feel on the same level as him and his staff. His empathy and knowledge of your situation is just what is required. He ensures the family understand every step that will be undertaken, there’s no such thing a ‘silly question’. His excellent communication skills and consultative approach creates the important environment of trust, crucial for a positive and cohesive recovery journey.

With his own story to tell, Mitchell spent 11 months in treatment facilities. He learnt first-hand about abstinence, wellness and recovery. Mitch has maintained strong relationships with those who aided him on his personal recovery and has created connections amongst the network of other treatment facilities in New Zealand.

He is also a supporter of 12 Step programmes for ongoing wellness, his own programme is as strong today as it was when he started his journey. Mitchell supports many men in the early stages of their recovery, his experience and relatability is a huge asset.

Mitchell will not let you down, he is reliable, with integrity of the highest degree.

  • Specialist Intentional Peer Support / Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Counselling
  • Co-Existing Problems (CEP) Counselling / Twelve Step Groups
  • Self Management and Recovery Training (SMART) + Action Plan
BeSmart Family & Loved Ones Support / Psychotherapy / Eating, Exercise and Enjoyment Support