Recovery Companions

We work with people one on one in their homes. Recovery Companions follow a holistic approach to recovery, mind, body and soul. We walk beside you and guide you towards setting up a sober living space; your home, connecting with peers in recovery, encouraging heathy eating and appropriate exercise. Uniquely as companions we will attend appointments, twelve step meetings and other recovery activities with you. We assist with budgeting and encourage ideas for future work and/or study. Collaboratively we set realistic goals and map out a realistic time frame to achieve these.

Quite simply we are ‘Recovery Coaches’ during what we consider to be the most important decision of your life. A decision to live life without the need of alcohol or other drugs.

This is what we do:
• One on one in home support
• Recovery coaching
• Recovery support and planning
• Recovery Companionship for professional and personal events
• Building pro-social recovery networks
• Short term & long term options

It’s important to know what we are not. We are not Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Cleaners, Chefs or Medical professionals.

We are however in recovery and will share what we have with you whole heartedly. We aim to best position you to live without the fear and anxiety that active addiction has caused and guide you towards making the best choices for you.

Each program with us is tailor made to suit the individual, we don’t put people in boxes nor do we have labels. Everyone is unique and so is the service we offer to you.

If you or someone you care about need our support, contact us so we can organise an assessment and start your recovery journey together. Contact Us