Our results for detox drug and alcohol recovery, speak for themselves. Though, nothing beats real feedback from real people (names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients).

As the mother of an alcoholic living many miles away from Auckland, feeling powerless to help or even understand the evils of alcoholism, Recovery Companions were a god send! They were recommended to me by someone in Christchurch who knew of Mitchell and his insight and commitment to helping addicts recover.

(Name withheld)

Trustees of young men with developmental issues are faced with problems at times most Trustees are ill-equipped to deal with. Alcohol, methamphetamine, gambling, diabetes, lying, as a constant mix, is potentially damaging to dwindling finances but, more drastically, to the life expectancy of the young Trust beneficiary.

Honourable Phil Recordon

After years of drug and alcohol addiction my child finally decided that help was needed. With help we found a Residential Rehab where he stayed for some six months. This was seven days a week, 24 hours per day and without them he would most definitely be dead.

(Name withheld)