Honourable Phil Recordon

Trustees of young men with developmental issues are faced with problems at times most Trustees are ill-equipped to deal with. Alcohol, methamphetamine, gambling, diabetes, lying, as a constant mix, is potentially damaging to dwindling finances but, more drastically, to the life expectancy of the young Trust beneficiary.

Jeremy [not his real name] was kept alive for 18 months or so with what was, effectively, very restrictive constant care –i.e. semi – incarceration. This could not continue. Cost for one thing but restriction on development of the individual as the primary concern.

By chance my fellow Trustee and I were introduced to Recovery Companions. There were well-meaning sceptics that recovering addicts could not provide the level of consistent support needed.

Our decision to give them a crack 5 months ago, was not only right but brilliantly so. Through support, incentives, gentle persuasion, and monitoring by wonderful people who are on their own difficult recovery journeys, Jeremy is regaining the ability to look into himself and to see a future where he might play a part in society and a future without substances, a future not empty and unfulfilling.

Thanks to the company and to the individuals sharing their lives with our young man.